The Jazz of Leadership: Improvisation as a Joyful Tool for Collaboration and Growth

Lisa Thauvette


As busy leaders in Montessori communities we are improvising all day, every day.  We never know what or who might be waiting for us when we walk through the school doors, and yet we manage and thrive in this perpetual state of ambiguity.  Theatrical improvisation is the artful embodiment of Montessori pedagogy and also our work as community leaders.  Through improvised arts we practice and play together in low-stakes and joyful exercises, which highlight the power of empathy, being in the moment, and prizing and promoting another person’s ideas and contributions. With an attitude of abundant agreement (the “yes-and” rule in improvisation), a culture of cooperation, consensus, and connection can flourish within our school communities. Participants will be introduced to the Triune Brain model and the importance of brain integration to executive functioning, take away several cames, activities and exercises related to improving group connection, playfulness and joy, and experience a sense of daring and personal growth through participation in improv exercises. 


Lisa Thauvette loves to combine her passion of child development with her years of experience  as a comedic improviser. Lisa served as the Head of School at International Montessori in  Brussels, Belgium for 11 years, and holds an AMI 6 - 12 diploma and a Masters of Education in  Montessori from Loyola College. She is the founder of Tilt Think, tilting scenarios and  perspectives toward peace through playful and interactive professional development sessions  for Montessori teachers and leaders.