Pre-recorded Talk

The Virtual Montessori Guide: Challenges and Opportunities for Teaching in a Montessori Distance Learning Environment

Oana Gabor


In this world of continuous change, where the teaching process is no longer only occurring in a classroom context, Montessori guides and students must be ready to adapt to a new form of teaching and learning.  This new paradigm of education also raises new questions: How do we continue to follow the child in this new context. How do we motivate and inspire from a distance? How has communication with parents changed in a virtual setting? What are the opportunities we can envision going forward? These questions, as well as many more, will be discussed. 


Oana Gabor earned her Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and French language. She has an International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy at Montessori Centre International in London and also the Montessori Trainers Course. She worked in the education field as a Montessori primary lead guide, elementary language teacher and now she is training to be an AMI Elementary Montessori guide. She passionate about Montessori education and teaching is her vocation.