Pre-recorded Talk

How Can We Launch and Develop More Authentic Montessori Schools? The Hungarian Experience; Challenges and Pathways.  

Monika Kósa


The Montessori movement is increasing in momentum in Hungary, as the community of interested educators and families is growing.  How can this grassroots movement be amplified and structured so that a high-quality, authentic Montessori practice can be established and strengthened in the country? The challenges of these people with a pioneer spirit encounter are in the areas of financing, regulations, accreditation, accessible quality teacher training and professional development, quality leadership in Montessori schools, community management, (international) networking, and parent education.  These obstacles are not uniquely Hungarian! When it comes to tackling the challenges and finding solutions, the good news is that there are amazing role models all over the world who can inspire with best practices as well as with their own stories about what they learned along the way from initiating educational innovation in their communities.  This session is designed to bring people together who want to join forces and seek pathways on how to increase the reach of quality Montessori practice in Hungary.


Monika Kosa is a trained lawyer (admitted to practice in Hungary and Austria) and Montessori elementary teacher, boasting a diverse range of experiences at the intersection of law and education (i.e. giving legal advice regarding education legislation, teaching law in schools in an age adequate way, school profiling and counseling for expatriates). Recently, she led the local licensing procedure to the launching of a German-English bilingual Montessori elementary school in Vienna, run by an US-based school operator.  After the opening of the school, she served as the pedagogical school leader and lead guide. She is currently launching the platform Sphaera Montessori. Her passion: designing beautiful prepared environments.