Pre-recorded Talk

The ABC of Self-Care: Enriching Resilience

Maryse Lepoutre-Postlewaite


Take care of others by taking care of yourself first! This is not an act of selfishness, but an act of leadership.  Learn more about strategies for self-care, and make it easy to set self-care as a priority.  Choose from a variety of practical ideas and make a commitment to boost your resilience.  In this session you will learn more about affirmations, boundaries, mindfulness, and various other tools that will help you expand your self-care repertoire.  You will walk away from this presentation being able to lead with a greater sense of understanding others by understanding and honoring yourself.  Let your actions be those that others want to emulate, which includes taking care of yourself! 


Maryse Lepoutre-Postlewaite has traveled internationally to share her skills with mentoring, leading workshops, and teaching. She completed her AMI Montessori Elementary training in Bergamo, Italy in 1979. She has taught at lower elementary and upper elementary levels. Maryse is a charter board member of AMI-EAA. She is currently an AMI Elementary consultant. Maryse has also trained with Children’s Creative Response to Conflict, Positive Discipline, Kidpower, Non-violent Communication, (NVC), and Mindfulness. Maryse has a wealth of experiences to share from implementing the strategies in her own classes and leading workshops in public and private school settings, highlighting classroom management, team building, and conflict resolution tools.