Pre-recorded Talk

The Importance of Developing Humility for the Montessori Adult

Laurent Lavollay-Porter


Humility is an important characteristic for not only guides to have, but also for all adults who touch the lives of children.  What are the milestones along the path towards realizing that humility is a quintessential characteristic for a Montessori guide to possess? This can be a particularly challenging transition for inexperienced guides who hold the notion that we educators should be strong, all-knowing adults who hold all of the answers. What action steps can we take to get from all-knowing to humility?  In this session, the presenter will speak about his own path towards developing humility, the role of observation in the development of humility (When do you act? When do you stand back? When is it time to talk vs. listen?). As a Montessori educator in France, the presenter will discuss the intersection of French culture with the concept of humility, and talk about how learning and speaking multiple languages offers opportunity for the Montessori educator to develop humility. 


Laurent Lavollay-Porter holds AMI Assistants to Infancy Diploma. He is also a trained Primary and Elementary Guide. Laurent now serves as the Head of Ecole Montessori Bilingue. He is bilingual, speaks French and English. And now he lives in France.