Pre-recorded Talk

The Importance of Self-Awareness and Clear Communication

Kimberley Anne Kilgore


One of the most essential qualities of a Montessori teacher or school leader is to develop the capacity to self-reflect.  Combined with clear, concise, and direct communication, these soft skills embody the characteristics we are looking for in flourishing and thriving adults.  However, developing these qualities doesn’t happen overnight!  Supporting children from a young age to develop self-understanding will help students deepen relationships, successfully navigate conflicts, and develop a better understanding of others.  Participants will walk away with an understanding of techniques that will help children recognize and respect differences among peers, ideas for classroom activities that help children reach a better understanding of differences between SELF and OTHERS, tools to support children in designing and practicing ways of working together so that every individual is recognized, and ideas to help facilitate community meetings in order to problem-solve and find solutions.


Kimberley Kilgore was born in Canada where she trained for Montessori in 1995 and 1996 at Toronto Montessori Institute. She taught in North America first and then moved to Asia in 2002. She also has experience in designing, setting up and directing Montessori schools. She has been working with children in the Montessori Environment for over 25 years, from Preschool to Primary to Upper Elementary and Adolescent. 

Kimberley has created a Health and Wellness Centre called ‘Balanced Naturally’ 9 years ago in Phuket, Thailand, to enhance the work that she has been doing with children throughout her career. In this Centre,  many methods are practiced to help children develop holistically, such as yoga, meditation, tutoring support, spiritual awareness, art programs, community service, and animal care. She counsels both children and adults through the method of Choice Theory/ Reality Therapy in our Centre as well as with children in a Montessori School Environment. She has also created a Mindfulness Program that has been implemented at Montessori Park Slovenia, Erdkinder Summer Camp.